Arc Flash, High Voltage, Earthing, and AgChem

In the past fortnight IDC Technologies was happy to have hosted three technical conferences in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia.


On the 8th & 9th March, the first two-day event in Melbourne was the 5th Arc Flash Conference which explored key topics and issues regarding arc flash explosions, personal protective equipment, electrical safety, and isolation on an advanced level. The event had thirteen technical presentations, including a keynote workshop from Canadian arc flash enthusiast and electrical expert, Terry Becker, and two keynote presentations from one of Australia’s leading electrical experts, Brett Cleaves.

Delegates were fortunate enough that Western Australian based consultancy Practon Group demonstrated a virtual reality training simulation. All of the attending delegates were given the opportunity to use the equipment, which involved instructions on how to successfully de-energise a switchboard on a remote work site. An entertaining and education experience for all in attendance.


The High Voltage & Earthing Conference was held in Brisbane on the 13th March 2017. The one day event featured five presentations, including a half day workshop by Steve Palmer, Committee Member for IEEE Standard 80 and Standard 81, and Secretary of the International CIGRE & CIRED Joint Working Group B3.35.

Steve went through each step of the amended Australia Standard 2067, allowing delegates to ask questions and understand how the new standard will apply to them. The event was fortunate enough to have Neville Gersch, a specialist power systems engineer; Dr. Bill Carman, an academic and expert in the field of earthing; TJH2b’s Antony Giacomin, a chemical engineer who demonstrated how simple diagnostic tests can be to identify faults and avoid catastrophic failure; and Dr. Franco D’Alessandro, an academic and expert in lightning protection.

The event was a huge success with delegates asking questions at every given opportunity and almost everyone networking until 7pm after the event. IDC Technologies is considering hosting this event in New South Wales in 2018, if you would be interested in presenting a topic or attending please let me know at or 1300 138 522.


The AgChem Conference was the final of IDC Technologies three events, being held in Brisbane on Tuesday 14th March. The conference had seven presentations from chemical and agriculture professionals from across Australia. Keynote speaker Craig Watt, General Manager at Chem-Safe Australia, presented two workshops entitled GHS and Agriculture; and Dangerous Goods Transport and Agrochemicals.

Other presentations were entitled AgChem Storage: Work Health and Safety Obligations; Spray Drift – What It Is and How We Can Avoid It; The Use of Targeted Extension Strategies to Improve Water Quality Outcomes in the Herbert Sugarcane Industry; Quality Control of Final Agricultural Chemical Products; and Non Shielded Dual Herbicide Spray Technology in Sugar Cane.

IDC Technologies were extremely happy with the results of the three conferences, as they all provided quality material across multiple industries. We will continue to provide top quality events across Australia and the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about our conferences, or would like to present a technical at future events, please contact or phone 1300 138 522

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