6th Hazardous Areas Conference – 27 & 28 September 2016 – Brisbane, Australia


IDC Technologies recently hosted the 6th Hazardous Areas Conference in Brisbane on September 27th & 28th 2016. This important industry event provided participants with an understanding and knowledge of the hazards involved in using electrical (and now mechanical) equipment in potentially volatile environments. The event featured the new Standards ISO 80079-36, 37 and 38 for non-electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres which were released in February 2016.

The conference featured seventeen speakers over two days covering these technical topics:

  • Let’s get the ball rolling…..An Introduction to Hazardous Areas – Brad Guy, MOXI
  • How to Select your Hazardous Area Personnel – Randall Makin, Waterline Projects
  • Changes in Ex Standards – The Electric Motor Perspective – Csaba Szabo, ABB
  • Unique Challenges That Arise with Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities – Case Study – Alistair Tippett, Beca
  • IECEx Certification of Personnel – Jeff Strath, SEEG
  • Static Electricity – “The Front Line” – Cem Novella, Static Electricity Control (SEC)
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – Hazardous Areas – Leon Deutsch, Rom-Control
  • Managing WHS Hazardous Atmosphere Risks to Health and Safety: A Hazardous Area Classification Dilemma  – Dr Frank Mendham, Blackie Mendham – Industrial Fire and Risk Engineering.
  • Safety, Compliance & Cost Effectiveness of EEHA Design and Installations over the Plant Lifecycle – Cris Kerrison, QGE
  • Changes to Hazardous Areas Standards – AS60079.14 and IEC60079.14 – Luke Wilkinson, Waterline Projects
  • Demonstration of Competency for Hazardous Areas – IECEx CoPC vs AS/NZS 4761 vs Compex – Gareth Talamini, Extend Training
  • Hazardous Area Equipment Inspections – Improved Efficiency & Cost Savings – Mark Tranfield, OCS Group
  • Testing, assessment and certification of mechanical equipment used in explosive areas – Jemima Jackson, TUV Rheinland Australia
  • Hazardous Areas Auditing – The Devil’s in the Details – Kayne Herriman, Bluefield
  • Gas Detectors for Risk Reduction: Safety in Numbers – Jonathon Lee, HMA

Conference keynote speaker Mark Amos, Business Manager and IECEx Secretariat for the Geneva, Switzerland headquartered International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) also presented these two very topical keynote papers on:

  • The Benefits of Conformity Assessment Certification over the Product Life Cycle and
  • IECEx Certification of Services on Ex Equipment

The conference was very interactive with audience members invited to ask questions throughout the presentations making for an engaging and collaborative event. Many delegates commented that it was great to have IECEx’s representative Mark Amos and Jemima Jackson from TUV Rheinland Australia at the event as they could ask questions of the people who sit on the committees and help create the standards they have to adhere to.

Another popular presentation was Managing WHS Hazardous Atmosphere Risks to Health and Safety: A Hazardous Area Classification Dilemma  presented by Dr Frank Mendham of Blackie Mendham – Industrial Fire and Risk Engineering.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event MOXI, ROM-Control, the IECEx and Industrial Electrix magazine.

For further information on the 6th Hazardous Areas Conference or to purchase the seventeen technical papers and slides from the conference, please contact 1300 138 522 or email conferences@idc-online.com

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