Lithium Batteries WA Conference – 7th September 2016 – Perth, Australia


On the 7th September 2016, IDC Technologies hosted the inaugural Lithium Batteries WA Conference. The event took place at the Novotel Langley Hotel in Perth and had over 40 delegates attend from a range of industries. Nine speakers presented technical papers covering everything lithium; from the mining and processing phase; to the battery and technology application phase; policies and procedures; and the future of electric vehicles.

Keynote speaker Simon Chan, Engineering Manager at Radlink Communications, opened the event with a one hour presentation entitled Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) Batteries – The “Safe Lithium”. This paper discussed this technology, and the key principles of designing scalable energy storage solutions using LFP batteries. Simon used recent industry case studies as examples, which included interactive elements and plenty of questions from the audience.

The other presentations were entitled:

  • The Lithium Rechargeable Battery Supply Chain
  • Can Conventional Mining Meet Battery Demand?
  • A Cleaner Future: Trends in Energy Storage
  • Lithium Battery Applications in Australia – Is the Market Ready?
  • Getting your Lithium Batteries to Destination
  • From Horse Manure to Electric Vehicles
  • The Evolution and Future of Transport Regulations
  • Do LFP Batteries Live Up To Their Claims – A Safer and More Cost Effective Option for Hot Climates?

Leo Kerr, Founder at My Electric Car, was voted Most Valuable Speaker among all attending delegates with his presentation From Horse Manure to Electric Vehicles. This was an extremely entertaining and interactive discussion about the disruptive nature of lithium batteries and how they will transform the auto and transportation industries over the next fifteen years. Leo managed to take the entire audience on a journey through time, covering the history of transportation with horses, through to the future of autonomous vehicles.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event Radlink CommunicationsClean Energy CouncilAustralian Computer SocietyCivil Aviation Safety Authority, and Industrial Electrix Magazine.

For further information on the Lithium Batteries WA Conference or future IDC Technologies events, please contact 1300 138 522 or email

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