Emergency Power Supplies, Lithium Batteries and Earthing Conference – 27th & 28th July 2016 – Johannesburg, South Africa

IDC Technologies recently hosted the Emergency Power Supplies, Lithium Batteries and Earthing Conference at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg on the 27th & 28th July 2016.

The conference featured fourteen presentations from industry professionals who came from various technical backgrounds. The presenters represented a range of companies such as; Adriatic Power Group, NEC, TLC  Engineering Solutions, Freedom Won, CreoVision – Solar Energy and more.

All topics presented, although varied, were very interesting. We were fortunate to have an outstanding combination of professional expertise and industry knowledge at the event with all delegates enthusiastic about the subject and willing to ask questions and be interactive with our speakers.

IDC Technologies would like to make a special mention of our conference keynote speaker Frikkie Marx from Inopsis Wireless Services who presented Electromagnetic Noise Control in UPS as his very interesting keynote presentation.

Anthony English from Freedom Won was voted the most valuable presentation at the conference with his topic The Advantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries. Also highly rated was Marius Grobbelaar’s electrical engineering topic A New Approach to Lightning Protection and Earthing.

Other presentations from the conference were entitled:

  • Alternative Energies – An Overview
  • Understanding Earth Electrodes and Resistance Measurements in Practice
  • Design and Implementation of Small Backup Power Systems
  • Solar Systems and Batteries Selection in South Africa
  • Industrial Earth Leakage Units – For Human Safety or Equipment Protection?
  • Battery Configuration Design for Small Scale Solar Installations and Alternative Methods for Grid Stabilisation
  • Energy Storage Could Be One of South Africa’s Key Economic Drivers
  • Recommending a Surge Protection Plan
  • Energy Storage for The Intergration of PV Plants
  • Electrical Safety with Earthing & Bonding
  • Maximising the Benefits from your Solar Generated Energy
  • Off the Grid Energy – What does it mean for South Africa
  • A Supply Friendly Front End Pulsar Design

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event: Arrow Altech, and our media sponsors Vector, Energize, EngineerIT and Electricity+Control magazines.

ConferenceNetworkingSouthAfricaConferencePresentersZASponsorsEmergencyPowerSuppliesConferenceIf you would like to be involved in future events please contact to express your interest. For full details on topics and speakers, or to purchase all the technical Papers and PowerPoints from the conference, please email conferences@idc-online.com


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