2nd Safety in Design Conference – Melbourne, Australia 2016


IDC Technologies hosted the 2nd Safety in Design Conference on the 19th May 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. The event aimed to discuss the issues involved in Safety in Design and to help reduce the number of safety incidents through pre-emptive design. The event covered hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process to eliminate or minimise safety risks.

The conference featured nine presentations from industry professionals, all of whom come from various technical backgrounds. These presenters came from a range of companies such as; GHD, Machine Safety by Design, MMI Engineering, Architecture & Access, and more.

The presentations for the day were entitled:

  • Machine Safety Control System Design – Comparing the Methods in AS 4024 and AS 62061
  • Modelling the Dynamics of Risk Scenarios
  • Application of Inherently Safer Design Methods in Process Plant Projects and Modifications
  • Demonstrating Due Diligence in Safety in Design
  • Safety in Design for Buildings and Structures
  • The Challenges of Safety in Design
  • Safety in Design During Planning and Concept Stages
  • Safety In Design, HAZOP and CHAIR
  • A Live Picture of Organisational Risk by Integrating Risk Management and Control Assurance

IDC Technologies would like to make a special mention to Ennio Bianchi (Pacific Risk Ltd.) who was voted to have the most valuable presentation by all attending delegates. His presentation was entitled Demonstrating Due Diligence in Safety in Design. It provided delegates with a snapshot on what it means to demonstrate due diligence from a designer’s perspective, and discussed the key strategies to realise safe designs, and minimise liability, from the conceptual stage to occupation, maintenance, and through to the ultimate decommissioning/demolition of a structure.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event: Machine Safety by Design, MMI Engineering, Meercat Risk View, and our media sponsor Industrial Electrix.

If you would like to be involved in future events please contact IDC Technologies to express your interest. For full details on topics and speakers, or to purchase all the technical Papers and PowerPoints from the conference, please email conferences@idc-online.com 

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