Arc Flash & Low Voltage Standards Conference – 25th & 26th November 2015 – Johannesburg, South Africa

IDC Technologies
hosted the Arc Flash & Low Voltage Standards Conference at the Gallagher Convention Centre on the 25th and 26th of November. The main objective of this conference was to provide delegates with the latest developments and best practice to deal with arc flash hazards in South Africa.

The conference brought together industry professionals from many organizations such as; e-Hazard, EAIASA, REMSAFE, EHL Consulting Engineers, Inopsis Wireless Services and more.

The event kicked off with one of the highest rated presentations from the keynote speaker, Zarheer Jooma. The one hour keynote presentation was entitled Maintenance Work on Electrical Arc Flash Safety Standards. This discussed the various maintenance activities on standards which are pertinent to electrical arc flash safety. The day proceeded with seven additional speakers discussing an array of topics from Arc Flash Data Collection and System Modelling to Arc Flash Protection with PPE. All of the presentations were praised by delegates in the feedback received and we ended day one on a high note.

Day two started off with yet another outstanding presentation from keynote speaker Zaheer Jooma. This was entitled Questioning the Effectiveness of your Incident Investigation Process. The presentation discussed a few common investigation techniques such as the development of a questionnaire to determine the effectiveness of accident investigations, the investigation cycle and more. Later that day, Mark Palmer from EAIASA received outstanding feedback for his presentation entitled Low Voltage Installations in the Regulatory Domain. This included an in depth discussion of the SANS 10142 as well as other safety standards.

The response from delegates has been quite overwhelming! IDC Technologies was privileged to have a great selection of speakers and delegates attend this event which provided an opportunity for attendees to discuss important issues relating to arc flash hazards and the effects of arc flash in South Africa. The mix of professional expertise and industry knowledge at the conference created an interactive and engaging conference.

IDC would also like to give a special thank you to the sponsors of the event: Arcteq, DuPont , ABB, Charnaud, e-Hazard, Energize & Vector magazines, Electricity + Control magazine and WattNow magazine.


If you would like to be involved in future events please contact IDC Technologies to express your interest. For full details on topics and speakers, or to purchase all the technical Papers and PowerPoints from the conference, please email

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