Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference – 9 & 10 June 2015 – Manchester, UK

IDC Technologies recently hosted the first Arc Flash & Isolation Conference in the UK.  The conference was held in Manchester at the Marriott Hotel on June 9th & 10th 2015.


Hugh Hoagland from ArcWear – USA opened the Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference with his keynote presentation Electrical Safety: More Than Arc Flash.  It was highly interactive, humorous, and filled with relevant industry examples. Ken Morton, HM Principal Inspector of the Health & Safety Executive followed with a strong presentation on Arc Flash Protection – The HSE Perspective which concluded with twenty minutes of eager questions from attending engineers.

Standards guru Adrian Thorp of DCL Safety created some interest with his presentation on the Current and Future Directions for Arc Flash Standards and managed to get a lot of interaction and questions from the audience.  Next up was John Maplesden from Electrical Safety UK Ltd who presented his paper on Practical Solutions for Reducing Arc Flash Hazard with extreme enthusiasm and the delegates seemed to appreciate his extensive industry experience.

Last to present on day one of the conference was Andrew Hogan of Premium Power Ltd who confidently presented his topic on Arc Flash Hazard Calculations – Avoiding the Flash.  The delegates adjourned for the day with speakers, sponsors and delegates having a drink or two at the Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference Networking Session.

Opening again on day two of the conference was our exuberant international keynote speaker Hugh Hoagland with his second topic International Standards for Electrical Safety, NFPA 70E 2015 and Arc Flash PPE Standards from the US and the EU.  He passed with flying colours, everyone respected his expertise and knowledge in the industry and thoroughly enjoyed his arc flash case studies.

Richard Wright from Master Lock Europe was up next, filling in for a colleague at the last minute.  His presentation covered Best Practice for Lockout Tagout – Preventing Arc Flash Disasters.  The next technical presentation Safe Switching – Guinness Brewery Power Station Case Study was care of Neil Brookes of CBS ArcSafe whose charismatic style and technical approach impressed many of the delegates.  Neil showed real life arc flash examples and had volunteers from the audience use his equipment remotely to which he then explained how it avoided arc flash injuries. Overall it was a brilliant hands-on presentation.

Simon Nicholson and colleague Emma Harrison from GSE Systems Ltd presented the topic Arc Flash: Review of Analysis History and an Approach to Risk Management and took turns taking different approaches to their presentation showing solid industry experience. Angus Long from Skanwear was extremely enthusiastic and displayed a strong knowledge of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). His topic Understanding the Electric Arc Flash Hazard had all the delegates focused and he kept their attention with questions, wit and case studies.

Jean-Claude Duart from DuPont showcased his vast technical experience with arc flash standards and co-presented How to Assess Electric Arc Hazards and Protect Workers – Northern Powergrid Case Study with colleague Elaina Harvey who covered PPE.  Simon Raglione-Hall of Clydesdale Ltd had the difficult task of presenting last but did a sterling job covering the common misunderstandings of Personal Protective Equipment for Arc Flash.  Simon also covered the issue of Arc Flash with a mechanical engineering approach.

Overall the conference went very well and IDC Technologies plan to run the conference again in 2017.  We were very fortunate to have a first-rate line up of professional expertise and industry knowledge at the conference which created an engaging and practical event.

IDC Technologies would like to make special mention and thank the sponsors of this event:

  • Bell Apparel Ltd
  • DuPont & JK Ross
  • Electrical Engineering Magazine
  • Electrical Safety UK
  • PHS Besafe
  • Premiun Power
  • ProGarm Ltd
  • Skanwear
  • WireIN Magazine

If you would like to be involved in future events please contact IDC Technologies to express your interest. For full details on topics and speakers, or to purchase all the technical Papers and PowerPoints from the conference, please email

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