High Voltage & Substation Automation Conference – 6 & 7 May 2015 – Townsville, Queensland


IDC Technologies hosted the High Voltage & Substation Automation Conference last week on the 6th & 7th of May in Townsville, Australia.

The conference featured ten presentations, including two key note presentations from Neville Gersch (Welcon Technologies), and Daniel Moulds (Powerlink Queensland). The conference also welcomed delegates from Ergon Energy, Waterline Projects, TJH2b, Schneider Electric, and RPS Switchgear to name a few.

Day one of the conference began with Neville Gersch presenting a half day workshop entitled HV Auditing: non-conformance encountered during HV audits. This workshop explored both common and uncommon non-conformances that are encountered during actual HV audits and the consequences that they pose. The workshop involved many interactive opportunities for the attendees to debate ideas, and share real life experiences.

The half day workshop was followed by four presentations from speakers; Matthew Kingsberry, Randall Makin, Richard Blakeley, and Antony Giacomin. The presentation by Antony Giacomin from TJH2b was entitled High Voltage Equipment: keeping it safe and operational via insulating material testing, received outstanding feedback from delegates as it took on a chemical engineering approach and allowed those with an electrical engineering background to easily identify faults through basic oil testing.

Day two of the conference was opened with another half day workshop by Daniel Moulds entitled Executing an IEC 61850 station bus solution. This workshop used real life examples from Powerlink Queensland and their applications of the IEC 61850 standard. Concluding day two were four presentations from speakers; Mike Sherrington, Andrew West, Neville Gersch, and Wade Harris. 

IDC Technologies would like to make special mention of Antony Giacomin (rated the highest among all speakers), and Neville Gersch (rated the most valuable speaker of the conference).

The response from delegates has been overwhelming! IDC Technologies was privileged to have a great selection of speakers and delegates attend this event which provided an opportunity for attendees to discuss important issues affecting both the high voltage and substation automation industries in Australia, and globally. The mix of professional expertise and industry knowledge at the conference created an interactive and engaging conference.

IDC would also like to give a special thank you to the sponsors of the event: Transmission & Distribution Magazine, and Energy Source & Distribution Magazine.

If you would like to be involved in future events please contact IDC Technologies to express your interest.

For full details on topics and speakers, or to purchase all the technical Papers and PowerPoints from the conference, please email conferences@idc-online.com.

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