Safety Control Systems Conference – 25th & 26th March 2015 – Perth, Australia

SafetyControlSystemsConference2015_WebBannerIDC Technologies delivered their second conference of 2015 in Perth last week. The Safety Control Systems Conference was held on March 25th & 26th at the Mercure Hotel, featuring international (Houston, USA) keynote speakers Paul Gruhn from Rockwell Automation, and Luis Garcia from Siemens. The conference also welcomed delegates from organisations such as The Department of Mines and Petroleum, Engineers Australia, HIMA Australia, Kellogg Joint Venture Gorgon, BHP Billiton and Yokogawa to name a few.

Preceding the event were two half day workshops delivered by keynote speakers on 24th March. The morning workshop, Safety instrumented system basic principles presented  by Luis Garcia served as a quick reference for engineers, technicians and operators to gain an understanding of the basic principles governing the use of Safety Instrumented Systems (SISs). This workshop was followed by Paul Gruhn’s presentation entitled Workshop with an industry safety system expert. This workshop gave attendees an opportunity to ask any industry related questions they had and opened discussions to all topics that really mattered.

The conference was opened by industry professional Paul Gruhn, who presented a keynote presentation entitled Process industry accidents – lessons learned the hard way and how to avoid them. The presentation used a collection of entertaining real-life videos, photographs and stories to explain the importance of following procedures and undertaking intensive training in order to mitigate any form of loss. This presentation kept the delegates entertained while highlighting the importance of following basic steps in the workplace.

The day was followed by six other presentations which all received outstanding feedback from the delegates. These presentations included speakers Andy Yam of Yokogawa Australia, Shane Higgins of HIMA Australia, and Craig Imrie of NHP Electrical Engineering, plus more. Topics covered involved functional safety, and high integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS). The day concluded with a discussion session presented by Paul Gruhn which allowed delegates to pose questions and discuss industry practices.

Day two of the conference commenced with Luis Garcia presenting his keynote paper – How could it be considered “good engineering practice” to bypass your SIS during the most critical time of your process? This presentation discussed how although most facilities embrace IEC 61511 and the Safety Life Cycle (SLC) as the way to comply with regulatory requirements, there are specific instances when most operations deviate from the standard. The feedback from the presentation was exceptional and all delegates positively responded to this keynote presentation.

Special mention goes to Mirek Generowicz from I & E Systems whose presentation (The problem with hardware fault tolerance – why does nobody comply with the standard?) was voted most valuable by delegates. Some of the other presentations featured were from Siemens, Draeger Safety Pacific, and EUC Engineering.

The response from delegates has been overwhelming! IDC Technologies was privileged to have a great selection of speakers and delegates attend this event which provided an opportunity for attendees to discuss important issues affecting the Safety Control Systems industry in Australia, and globally. The mix of professional expertise and industry knowledge at the conference created an interactive and engaging conference.

IDC would also like to give a special thank you to the sponsors of the event: HIMA, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Department of Mines and Petroleum, Industrial Electrix Magazine, and Energy Generation Magazine. 


If you would like to be involved in future events please contact IDC Technologies to express your interest.

For full details on topics and speakers, or to purchase all the technical Papers and PowerPoints from the conference, please email

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