Safety Control Systems & Hazardous Areas Conference – South Africa – REGISTRATIONS OPEN!


Registrations are now open!
Take advantage of our early bird and 3 for 2 discounts.



Every year, industry experiences catastrophic fires, blasts or toxic releases. These events can result in injury, loss of life and can have a huge economic impact. This conference has been created to offer you the most up to date information to enable you to analyse, specify, design, install and maintain safety systems and electrical equipment in your plant whilst complying with the latest standard requirements.


Ian Hetherington
Managing Director – Vantage

Gary Friend
Director – Extech Safety Systems

Topics include:

  • CE Compliance and South African Machinery Regulations
  • Minimizing Human Failure through the Utilization of Advanced HAZOP Tools
  • Safety Equipment Failure Rates – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Eliminating the Complexities in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Assessment of the Credibility of Process Alarms as a Layer of Protection
  • Industrial Cyber-Security and Control Systems – Protection Against Cyber Threats
  • Exi : Intrinsic Safety
  • Industrial Safety Failures – Why do the same accidents keep on happening?
  • Commissioning a Large Machine Functional Safety Project
  • Improving the Performance of the Safety Control Systems: A Human Factor Review
  • Classification of Hazardous Areas
  • Selection of Ex Protected Equipment in Hazardous Locations
  • Remote Monitoring of Bulk Storage Facilities
  • Fundamentals of Hazardous Area Classification Studies
  • Introduction to Dusts and their Properties
  • Certification Processes and Requirements for Hazardous Locations (Ex) Equipment
  • Making Safe Waves in Hazardous Areas – Deploying Wireless Safely

For more details please download the Registration Brochure HERE, register online HERE or contact the conference team at 


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