Hazardous Areas WA Conference – LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER!



This conference has been created to meet and exchange ideas for those concerned with the safe use of electrical equipment and instrumentation in hazardous, flammable or explosive atmospheres, thus preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. It will serve to highlight technologies, best practices, and accelerate improvements in standards and regulations. It will also reduce the economic impact of accidents through the prevention of explosions and fires due to ignition of flammable vapours and dust clouds. The conference will present an industry-wide forum to examine and discuss the latest local and international practices and standards in hazardous areas.

Technical Director – Minerals & Industry, AECOM Chairman IEC Subcommittee SC31J for installations and classification of hazardous areas

Benefits of attending this event include:

  • Update your knowledge on hazardous areas equipment and technologies
  • Learn how to design and install safe working systems in hazardous areas
  • See how Australian and international standards are being successfully applied
  • Learn about the hazardous areas equipment installations and incident response through case studies and critical discussion
  • Learn how to prepare your business for an hazardous area audit/inspection
  • Discuss critical issues of compliance to standards with experienced hazardous area professionals
  • Find practical solutions to your hazardous safety problems
  • Network with experienced safety experts and your peers

The conference includes 12 presentations from industry experts from across the world, a half day workshop from keynote speaker Neil Dennis on the topic “Hazardous Area Standards – What the Future Holds and What the Users Want”, and a one hour networking session dedicated for all attendees to meet and socialise with experts and industry peers at the Hazardous Areas Conference.

For speaker and topic details and to register, download the REGISTRATION BROCHURE, or email conferences@idc-online.com; or phone 1300 138 522.


Learn more about IDC conferences at our IDC Conference Page

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