5th Safety Control Systems Conference – LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER!



This conference will focus on the technology and application of safety-related control and instrumentation systems in the chemicals, energy, mining and manufacturing industries. It will give you the tools to help reduce the risk of cyber security threats on your industrial control systems, and examine the complex and challenging issues of using control systems technology to maintain and improve the safety of people and plant, while ensuring profitability.

A functional safety system protects life and business assets. It must be accurately specified and designed for the task. Likewise, safety system practitioners must be aware of the best codes of practice, the best equipment to use, and what pitfalls to avoid. The conference will provide practical applications by specialists experienced in safety life cycle activities such as hazard and risk assessment, and the determination of safety integrity levels (SILs). Topics will be relevant to a wide range of industry sectors including machinery and automation plants, chemical processes, energy and power, pulp and paper and petrochemicals.


Process Safety Business Developer, Siemens (USA)

ISA Fellow, Global Process Safety Consultant, Rockwell Automation (USA)

What you will gain from this conference:

  • Familiarise yourself with updates made to the IEC functional safety standards and consider the implications to your industry
  • Discover how IEC functional safety standards are being successfully applied to manage safety projects
  • Assess and understand how to protect your industrial control systems from cyber security threats
  • Learn about the lifecycle approach to safety-instrumented systems through case studies and critical discussion
  • Update your knowledge on the latest trends and new developments in safety systems technology
  • Update your knowledge on safety technologies for process and machinery safety
  • Find practical solutions to your safety problems
  • Discover how optimal safety design can improve production and reduce costs

This conference includes 15 presentations from industry professionals from across the world, and an in-depth discussion panel to provide delegates with the opportunity to ask our panel of speakers questions and to discuss safety issues in their workplace, covering typical problems and possible solutions.

A one hour networking session dedicated for all attendees to meet and socialise with experts and industry peers at the Safety Control Systems Conference will also conclude day one of the conference.

Prior to the conference, two Pre-Conference Workshops will be held on the 24th March by keynote speakers Luis Garcia, and Paul Gruhn. Workshop 1 will be held from 8.30am – 12.00pm, followed by Workshop 2 which will be held from 1.00pm – 4.30pm.

For speaker and topic details and to register, download the REGISTRATION BROCHURE, or email conferences@idc-online.com; or phone 1300 138 522.

Learn more about IDC conferences at our:IDC Conference Page

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