High Voltage Forum 2014 – St.Kilda, Melbourne

IDC Technologies had the pleasure of running the High Voltage Forum at the Novotel Hotel in St.Kilda, Melbourne on October 1st & 2nd 2014. The beach setting was the perfect location for the event which covered high voltage design, installation and maintenance.  Delegates travelled from all over Australia to attend this important industry event and there was much interest in the updates to the AS 2067-2008 standard which covers substations and high voltage installations exceeding 1 kV a.c.


Speakers brought a wealth of knowledge with them and offered delegates industry insights and technical information to help them solve their high voltage issues.  Several sessions offered case studies from industry which presented opportunities to learn from real life HV design and installation issues.  Many of the case studies and technical papers also highlighted why HV maintenance is such an important topic when the goal is to improve the efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment.  The topics covered at the conference included:

  • Alex Baitch – Chairman of Standards Australia’s committee EL43 – Design of High Voltage Substation Installations and impending changes to AS2067
  • Marcus Snowden – Schneider Electric – An Integrated Approach to the Management of HV Installation and Equipment (up to 33kV)
  • Karl Haubner – Doble – Condition Monitoring of Metaclad Switchgear up to 33kV
  • Selwyn Braver – Martec Asset Solutions – Transformer monitoring and control
  • Nishan Wettasinghe – Spring Power Solutions Pty Ltd – High Voltage Cable Testing
  • Ken Budin – Wilson Transformers – Transport, Installation and Commissioning of HV Power Transformers
  • Alex Baitch – Earthing of Electrical Installations
  • Matthew Kingsberry – Qencom – Project Case Study: Substation Asset Renewals & Assessment
  • Karl Haubner – Doble – Review of Condition Monitoring Techniques to Assess the Condition of Rotating Machines
  • Peter Dobson & David Wilkinson – Powerline Bushfire Safety & United Energy and Multinet Gas – Bushfire Mitigation using Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter (REFCL) Technology
  • Qazi Rahman – BECA – 8 MW Tri-Generation System Installation – Rapid Load Shedding Scheme
  • Jackson Hill – LIVE HV – High Voltage Cable Partial Discharge Testing – Tasmanian Wind Farm Case Study
  • Neville Gersch – Welcon Technologies – High Voltage Auditing
  • Antony Giacomin – TJ|H2b Analytical Services – High Voltage Equipment: Keeping it Safe and Operational via Insulating Material Testing
  • Greg Caldwell – Ergon Energy – The Energy Sense Communities Project – Townsville High Voltage Case Study
  • Bruce Miller – Worley Parsons – High Voltage Power System Studies – What are they for and where are they going?

Special thanks go to our very knowledgeable conference keynote speakers Alex Baitch, BES Aust and Karl Haubner, Doble.  Thanks to all the other presenters who shared insightful information on trending industry topics with the HV Forum attendees.   We would also like to thank the official event sponsors – Doble and Transmission & Distribution magazine.

IDC plan to run a High Voltage Forum on the west coast in 2015.  Please submit your expression of interest to attend or present via conferences@idc-online.com or if you are interesting in purchasing a copy of the conference proceedings from this years HV Forum including all papers and PowerPoint’s please contact idc@idc-online.com

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