Dangerous Goods Conference – Calgary, CANADA


The quantity of dangerous goods being stored, handled and transported across the country continues to increase as industrial activity in Canada remains strong.  With increased activity comes increased safety risk and more dangerous goods accidents. Many of these incidents are caused by human error followed by mechanical or design failure and they result in the loss of product, damage to equipment, minor to serious injuries and in extreme cases fatalities.

The aim of this conference is to explore the variety of dangerous goods incidents that occur locally and nationwide every year and to provide practices and strategies to prevent accidents and reduce the overall number of incidents. A strong focus on regulatory reforms, legislation and compliance will feature throughout this event as safety is paramount when dealing with hazardous substances and dangerous goods. Protecting public safety through effective dangerous goods classification, emergency response and means of containment will also be explored.

Keynote speakers include:

Jean-Claude Morin – First responder to the Lac-Megantic train derailment – President and CEO, MD-UN Quebec

Trevor Howard – Manager, Cargo Safety and Dangerous Goods Standards – Air Canada

Mark Roehler – Hazardous Materials Expert – Principal, LEHDER Environmental Services Ltd

To download the event brochure which outlines all the speakers, their topics and a registration form click HERE

To register online please click HERE or visit our website www.idc-online.com

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