5th IDC Industrial Automation Conference – JOHANNESBURG

automation conference - johannesburgjpeg

The 5th IDC Industrial Automation Conference – May 20th, 21st & 22nd 2014

In May 2014, IDC Technologies hosted the 5th IDC Industrial Automation Conference at the Midrand Conference Centre in Johannesburg.  IDC felt privileged to have such a diverse selection of speakers and delegates who offered a mix of professional expertise, and industry knowledge. The dynamic group of individuals produced an interactive and engaging conference for attendees, and provided a welcoming platform for delegates demonstrating a passion for Industrial Automation. Q&A sessions were encouraged throughout the conference, adding further value to the informative and interactive forum.

IDC Technologies would like to give special thanks to international keynote speaker Andrew West for sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with local delegates.  Thanks must also be paid to all local presenters who shared insightful information on trending industry topics.

As voted by our delegates, the top five presentations were:

  1. Cobus Pool – Proconics – Industrial Control System (ICS) Cyber Security Protection – Threats and Best Practices
  2. Andrew West – IEEE – The Road to Convergence……Replete with Ruts and Speed Bumps
  3. Nirmal Narotam & Brian Thompson     – PAS Automation Services – Management of “Bad Actor” Alarms at the Engen Refinery
  4. Julian Moss – Schneider Electric – Contactless Machinery Health Monitoring
  5. Doron Kowensky- H3i Squared – Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructures

IDC endeavour to run the 6th IDC Technical Conference in Johannesburg in 2016, focusing  on Cyber Security, keeping up with industry trends.  Please submit your expression of interest in the 2016 IDC Technical Conference via conferences@idc-online.com

Thanks must also be paid to the IDC Industrial Automation official event sponsors– Schneider Electric, EE Publishers, Technews and Crown Publications.

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