Remote Technologies & CCTV Forum – Registrations Now Open!

We are pleased to announce registrations for the Remote Technologies & CCTV Forum are now open.

Register on or before Wednesday 9th April to receive the EARLY BIRD discount and save 10% off the registration fee.

We are committed to bringing you the latest information in the area of remote technologies and CCTV, with an impressive selection of speakers. The forum will inform delegates about the advancements in remote technology in Australia and worldwide, and explore how this technology can be used to enhance workplace efficiency and reduce costs when dealing with remote locations; giving attendees an insight into the proper design of remote service systems for their customers.

CCTV speakers will provide attendees with practical tips in designing, installing, commissioning, maintaining and troubleshooting analog and digital CCTV systems. Our aim is to provide useful expertise in building and maintaining high quality CCTV systems and the best practice in CCTV system design, commissioning and maintenance.

Speakers and Topics Include:
Doug Bester, Technical Director, Sentient Computing
Leveraging the latest innovations: the link between remote technologies and data virtualisation

Vlado Damjanovski, Managing Director, ViDi Labs Pty Ltd
Recognising faces and details in CCTV

Andrew West, SCADA Communication Consultant
Field data management strategies

Ollencio D’Souza, Director, Technologycare
Video-centric command and control using physical security information management technology

For full Program details and to register, download the Registration Brochure, or contact the IDC conference team via email, or phone 1300 138 522.


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