Electrical Arc Flash Conference – Melbourne, 2013

The Electrical Arc Flash Conference took place in Melbourne last week, 6-8 August, featuring a variety of Australian and international speakers. The conference provided a platform for speakers and delegates to exchange the latest information and technologies in arc flash development which included PPE and software demonstrations, an overview of local and international standards, technologies including infrared windows, remote isolation and remote racking units and a number of case studies and mitigation strategies.

All the way from the United States, renown arc flash expert Hugh Hoagland opened the conference with an impressive keynote presentation entitled, “Electrical Safety: More Than Arc Flash”. Rated best presenter of the event, Hugh was described by attendees as an engaging speaker with eminent knowledge in the area of arc flash. For those of you who wanted to see more of Hugh, check out this YouTube video:

Hugh Hoagland

The delegate’s top five rated presentations were as follows:

  1. Hugh Hoagland, Founder, e-Hazard and ArcWear- Electrical Safety: More than arc flash
  2. Sesha Prasad, Senior Power Systems Specialist, Welcon Technologies – Arc Flash Hazard Awareness and Mitigation
  3. Hugh Hoagland, Founder, e-Hazard and ArcWear  – Arc Flash Basics: Contamination Testing and Practical Experience From Accident Investigations
  4. David O’Connor, National Business Development Manager, Elliotts Australia –
    Practical Considerations for Choosing Arc Rated PPE: Protection, Wear, Comfort and Durability
  5. Sesha Prasad, Senior Power Systems Specialist, Welcon Technologies – Arc Flash Case Study Demo

Delegate feedback was exceptionally positive for this event with many comments on the quality of the speakers and the relevance of their materials.

Speakers were from e-Hazard and ArcWear, Elliots Australia, GHD, Welcon Technologies, Eaton Corporation, IRISS Inc, ABB Australia, Arc Flash Solutions Pty Ltd, ICM Technologies, DigSILENT Pacific and PACE.


IDC Technologies would like to thank to the conference sponsors: ArcWear.com, Elliots Australia, IRISS and Industrial Electrix.

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