Earthing, Lightning and Surge Protection Conference

“Lightning protection and its intrinsic topics of surge protection and earthing is currently undergoing rapid change. In Australia and New Zealand, a newly updated version of the Lightning Protection Standard AS/NZS1768 is in draft form and will soon be sent out for public comment. One of the drivers for this new edition has been the need to provide updated information on detailed risk assessment for lightning protection design and the need to have better understanding of surge protection methods because of the increasing susceptibility to such surges of modern electronic and electrical equipment in what is a quickly-widening sphere of applications,” said IDC conference technical reviewer, Trevor Blackburn.

In light of these updates and changes within the industry, IDC recently coordinated the Earthing, Lightning & Surge Protection Conference which took place in Brisbane, 2-4 July 2013. A variety of professional and expert industry representatives presented technical papers and case studies and generated numerous group discussions and interaction amongst the conference delegates. Speakers from Gillespie Power Consultancy, DEHN + SOHNE, Novaris, R2A Due Diligence, Phoenix Contact, ERICO, IPD, Aurecon, Kattron, Roads & Traffic Authority NSW, PhysElec Solutions and Danfoss shared years of industry experience in what was an extremely interesting conference (even for a non-engineer!).

Here’s what one of our technical reviewers had to say about the papers and presentations during the review process prior to the conference:

The papers that will be presented at the conference reflect this modern approach to overall lightning protection. There is discussion of risk assessment and due diligence in design and in the change in earthing design methods to provide such design adaptations. There are a number of papers from manufacturers and users on the important surge protection issue and these provide both basic understanding of the operation and installation and also useful and practical guidelines on installation best-practice. Both the Australian/NZ Standard and the IEC standards are discussed in some detail and provide useful information as to the coverage of the standards to various applications. There are in addition some papers that address the important issues of lightning protection for mining and pipeline systems in Australia.

The two workshops are particularly relevant in that they cover a wide spectrum, with one on power system and mining lightning protection and the other on the applicable IEC standards governing particularly surge protection devices. Taken together the workshops provide a valuable introduction to the following more specific papers presented at the conference.

The scope of the papers will be of value to a wide variety of engineering staff from power system engineering technical staff  to electronics,  microelectronics and computer engineering staff” – Trevor Blackburn.

Top rated presentations were as follows: 

  1. Lightning and Underground Mines – An Introduction presented by Franco D’Alessandro
  2. Implications for Designers of the Engineers Australia – Safety Case Guideline – 3rd Edition presented by Richard Robinson
  3. Induction from Power Lines into Nearby Objects presented by Tony Gillespie
  4. Electrical Hazards on Metallic Pipelines – An Overview of AS/NZS 4853 presented by Tony Gillespie

Thank you to all speakers and also to the conference sponsors – Weidmuller, MetraWeather, Eritech, LPI, DEHN + SOHNE, IPD and Industrial Electrix Magazine.

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