Arc Flash, High Voltage, Earthing, and AgChem

In the past fortnight IDC Technologies was happy to have hosted three technical conferences in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia.


On the 8th & 9th March, the first two-day event in Melbourne was the 5th Arc Flash Conference which explored key topics and issues regarding arc flash explosions, personal protective equipment, electrical safety, and isolation on an advanced level. The event had thirteen technical presentations, including a keynote workshop from Canadian arc flash enthusiast and electrical expert, Terry Becker, and two keynote presentations from one of Australia’s leading electrical experts, Brett Cleaves.

Delegates were fortunate enough that Western Australian based consultancy Practon Group demonstrated a virtual reality training simulation. All of the attending delegates were given the opportunity to use the equipment, which involved instructions on how to successfully de-energise a switchboard on a remote work site. An entertaining and education experience for all in attendance.


The High Voltage & Earthing Conference was held in Brisbane on the 13th March 2017. The one day event featured five presentations, including a half day workshop by Steve Palmer, Committee Member for IEEE Standard 80 and Standard 81, and Secretary of the International CIGRE & CIRED Joint Working Group B3.35.

Steve went through each step of the amended Australia Standard 2067, allowing delegates to ask questions and understand how the new standard will apply to them. The event was fortunate enough to have Neville Gersch, a specialist power systems engineer; Dr. Bill Carman, an academic and expert in the field of earthing; TJH2b’s Antony Giacomin, a chemical engineer who demonstrated how simple diagnostic tests can be to identify faults and avoid catastrophic failure; and Dr. Franco D’Alessandro, an academic and expert in lightning protection.

The event was a huge success with delegates asking questions at every given opportunity and almost everyone networking until 7pm after the event. IDC Technologies is considering hosting this event in New South Wales in 2018, if you would be interested in presenting a topic or attending please let me know at or 1300 138 522.


The AgChem Conference was the final of IDC Technologies three events, being held in Brisbane on Tuesday 14th March. The conference had seven presentations from chemical and agriculture professionals from across Australia. Keynote speaker Craig Watt, General Manager at Chem-Safe Australia, presented two workshops entitled GHS and Agriculture; and Dangerous Goods Transport and Agrochemicals.

Other presentations were entitled AgChem Storage: Work Health and Safety Obligations; Spray Drift – What It Is and How We Can Avoid It; The Use of Targeted Extension Strategies to Improve Water Quality Outcomes in the Herbert Sugarcane Industry; Quality Control of Final Agricultural Chemical Products; and Non Shielded Dual Herbicide Spray Technology in Sugar Cane.

IDC Technologies were extremely happy with the results of the three conferences, as they all provided quality material across multiple industries. We will continue to provide top quality events across Australia and the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about our conferences, or would like to present a technical at future events, please contact or phone 1300 138 522

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3rd Low Voltage Conference – 2nd & 3rd November 2016 – Melbourne, Australia


IDC Technologies finished the year of conferences with the 3rd Low Voltage Conference. The event was held in Melbourne on the 2nd & 3rd November 2016 – the Melbourne Cup After Party.

The purpose of this conference was to review the application and best practice in the requirements laid down in the standard AS/NZS 3000:2007, commonly known as Australia-New Zealand Wiring Rules. For those installations covered in the scope of this standard, its provisions are mandatory and must be followed. Any engineer involved in planning and design of electrical systems, installation or maintenance must have a clear idea about the various requirements contained in the standard.

The conference had a total of ten presentations, including two half day workshops from keynote speakers, Gary Busbridge, Standardisation Manager at Clipsal by Schneider Electric; and Roger Royal, Low Voltage Expert at Snowy Technical Services.

A list of conference topics and guest speakers can be seen below:

  • Low Voltage Earthing Design and the AS/NZS 3000 – Roger Royal, Low Voltage Specialist, Snowy Technical Services
  • Why Earthing Really Matters, What’s Changed in Our Standards and What it Means for LV Designers and Inspectors – Stephen Palmer, Director, Safearth
  • ‘Internal’ versus ‘External’ Bolt Fault Current Contribution in Calculations for LV Arc Flash Hazard Assessment in Integrated Electrical Networks – Dr. Tony Auditore, Principal Engineer, Linetech Consulting
  • Busduct a Superior Alternative to Cables – Masood Agha, National Manager, Business Solutions, Low Voltage Systems, ABB
  • Low Voltage Design – Electro Magnetic Compatibility in Variable Speed Drives – Nick Hughes, Sales Manager, Power Electronics Australia
  • Wiring Rules Revision – Unplugged – Gary Busbridge, Standardisation Manager, Clipsal by Schneider Electric & Chairman of the EL001 Wiring Rules Standards Committee
  • Low Voltage Portable Generators – Reducing Shock Risk through Failure Mode Consideration and Installation Method – Matthew Bale, Principal Engineer, Safearth
  • Life Cycle Management of Low Voltage Emergency Lighting – Chris Leahy, National Manager, Emergency Lighting, MPower
  • All You Need to Know About AS/NZS 61439, But Were Afraid to Ask… – Boris Fuchs, Technical Expert, Schneider Electric
  • Discrimination Study – You Won’t Leave Site Without One – Boris Fuchs, Technical Expert, Schneider Electric

The conference was very interactive with audience members invited to ask questions throughout the presentations making for an engaging and collaborative event. IDC Technologies would like to make a special thanks to Boris Fuchs from Schneider Electric for contributing two technical papers to the event, and our keynote speakers Gary Busbridge and Roger Royal.

Gary Busbridge’s half day workshop was considered the most valuable presentation by the delegates. We commend him for being able to present for 3 1/2 hours and answer individual questions along the way. An excellent presenter.

Boris Fuchs was voted both the second and third most valuable speaker for his two closing presentations. He displayed both enthusiasm and an expert understanding for his topics.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event Engineering Institute of Technology, ABB Australia, Clipsal by Schneider Electric, Safearth Consulting, Power Electronics, and media sponsor Industrial Electrix.

For further information on the 3rd Low Voltage Conference or to purchase the technical papers and slides from the conference, please contact 1300 138 522 or email


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HAZCHEM Conference – 27th October 2016 – Sydney, Australia


IDC Technologies recently hosted the inaugural HAZCHEM Conference in Sydney on the 27th October 2016. The purpose of the conference was to enable delegates to understand how to comply with the Globally Harmonised System (GHS).

The GHS is a United Nations created system for the classification, labelling and safety data sheet (SDS) of chemicals on a global basis.  The GHS was accepted worldwide in 2012 and most countries (US, Canada, Europe and China) have now adopted it into their own health and safety legislation.  By January 1st 2017 most of Australia (excluding WA and VIC) has agreed to comply with the new system.

With the adoption of the national model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations in 2012, Australia has agreed to the GHS. We are nearing the end of the five year transitional period to move to the new GHS-based system. After 31 December 2016, all workplace chemicals must be classified according to the GHS and labels and SDS must be updated. GHS is the most important change to legislation within the new WHS Regulations.

The conference boasted seven technical presentations, including a half day workshop from HAZCHEM enthusiast and expert, Craig Watt, General Manager of Chem-Safe Australia. The following topics were covered at the conference:

  • GHS Awareness Training Course (half day workshop)
  • Challenges of the GHS from a Universal Perspective
  • Safeguarding Your Dangerous Goods and Chemicals Storage: Audit and Risk Assessment
  • The GHS in Australia – Implementing Legislation and Supporting Activities
  • How does the WHS/GHS Interact and Impact on Dangerous Goods Warehousing and Transport?
  • Labelling and Placarding of Bulk Storages and Tanks

The conference was very interactive with audience members invited to ask questions throughout the presentations making for an engaging and collaborative event.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event Chem-Safe Australia and the Engineering Institute of Technology.


For further information on the HAZCHEM Conference or to purchase the technical papers and slides from the conference, please contact 1300 138 522 or email

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6th Hazardous Areas Conference – 27 & 28 September 2016 – Brisbane, Australia


IDC Technologies recently hosted the 6th Hazardous Areas Conference in Brisbane on September 27th & 28th 2016. This important industry event provided participants with an understanding and knowledge of the hazards involved in using electrical (and now mechanical) equipment in potentially volatile environments. The event featured the new Standards ISO 80079-36, 37 and 38 for non-electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres which were released in February 2016.

The conference featured seventeen speakers over two days covering these technical topics:

  • Let’s get the ball rolling…..An Introduction to Hazardous Areas – Brad Guy, MOXI
  • How to Select your Hazardous Area Personnel – Randall Makin, Waterline Projects
  • Changes in Ex Standards – The Electric Motor Perspective – Csaba Szabo, ABB
  • Unique Challenges That Arise with Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities – Case Study – Alistair Tippett, Beca
  • IECEx Certification of Personnel – Jeff Strath, SEEG
  • Static Electricity – “The Front Line” – Cem Novella, Static Electricity Control (SEC)
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – Hazardous Areas – Leon Deutsch, Rom-Control
  • Managing WHS Hazardous Atmosphere Risks to Health and Safety: A Hazardous Area Classification Dilemma  – Dr Frank Mendham, Blackie Mendham – Industrial Fire and Risk Engineering.
  • Safety, Compliance & Cost Effectiveness of EEHA Design and Installations over the Plant Lifecycle – Cris Kerrison, QGE
  • Changes to Hazardous Areas Standards – AS60079.14 and IEC60079.14 – Luke Wilkinson, Waterline Projects
  • Demonstration of Competency for Hazardous Areas – IECEx CoPC vs AS/NZS 4761 vs Compex – Gareth Talamini, Extend Training
  • Hazardous Area Equipment Inspections – Improved Efficiency & Cost Savings – Mark Tranfield, OCS Group
  • Testing, assessment and certification of mechanical equipment used in explosive areas – Jemima Jackson, TUV Rheinland Australia
  • Hazardous Areas Auditing – The Devil’s in the Details – Kayne Herriman, Bluefield
  • Gas Detectors for Risk Reduction: Safety in Numbers – Jonathon Lee, HMA

Conference keynote speaker Mark Amos, Business Manager and IECEx Secretariat for the Geneva, Switzerland headquartered International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) also presented these two very topical keynote papers on:

  • The Benefits of Conformity Assessment Certification over the Product Life Cycle and
  • IECEx Certification of Services on Ex Equipment

The conference was very interactive with audience members invited to ask questions throughout the presentations making for an engaging and collaborative event. Many delegates commented that it was great to have IECEx’s representative Mark Amos and Jemima Jackson from TUV Rheinland Australia at the event as they could ask questions of the people who sit on the committees and help create the standards they have to adhere to.

Another popular presentation was Managing WHS Hazardous Atmosphere Risks to Health and Safety: A Hazardous Area Classification Dilemma  presented by Dr Frank Mendham of Blackie Mendham – Industrial Fire and Risk Engineering.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event MOXI, ROM-Control, the IECEx and Industrial Electrix magazine.

For further information on the 6th Hazardous Areas Conference or to purchase the seventeen technical papers and slides from the conference, please contact 1300 138 522 or email

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Lithium Batteries WA Conference – 7th September 2016 – Perth, Australia


On the 7th September 2016, IDC Technologies hosted the inaugural Lithium Batteries WA Conference. The event took place at the Novotel Langley Hotel in Perth and had over 40 delegates attend from a range of industries. Nine speakers presented technical papers covering everything lithium; from the mining and processing phase; to the battery and technology application phase; policies and procedures; and the future of electric vehicles.

Keynote speaker Simon Chan, Engineering Manager at Radlink Communications, opened the event with a one hour presentation entitled Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) Batteries – The “Safe Lithium”. This paper discussed this technology, and the key principles of designing scalable energy storage solutions using LFP batteries. Simon used recent industry case studies as examples, which included interactive elements and plenty of questions from the audience.

The other presentations were entitled:

  • The Lithium Rechargeable Battery Supply Chain
  • Can Conventional Mining Meet Battery Demand?
  • A Cleaner Future: Trends in Energy Storage
  • Lithium Battery Applications in Australia – Is the Market Ready?
  • Getting your Lithium Batteries to Destination
  • From Horse Manure to Electric Vehicles
  • The Evolution and Future of Transport Regulations
  • Do LFP Batteries Live Up To Their Claims – A Safer and More Cost Effective Option for Hot Climates?

Leo Kerr, Founder at My Electric Car, was voted Most Valuable Speaker among all attending delegates with his presentation From Horse Manure to Electric Vehicles. This was an extremely entertaining and interactive discussion about the disruptive nature of lithium batteries and how they will transform the auto and transportation industries over the next fifteen years. Leo managed to take the entire audience on a journey through time, covering the history of transportation with horses, through to the future of autonomous vehicles.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event Radlink CommunicationsClean Energy CouncilAustralian Computer SocietyCivil Aviation Safety Authority, and Industrial Electrix Magazine.

For further information on the Lithium Batteries WA Conference or future IDC Technologies events, please contact 1300 138 522 or email

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5th High Voltage Conference – 27th & 28th July 2016 – Sydney, Australia

IDC Technologies was proud to host the 5th High Voltage Conference in Sydney on the 27th & 28th July 2016. The event attracted delegates from over40 organisations across Australia, and had 15 presentations from industry professionals with a passion for high voltage engineering.

Keynote speaker Alex Baitch, Chair of EL043 High Voltage Installations, presented two topics entitled Substation Installations: Revision of AS 2067, and Future Trends in High Voltage Systems – A Sustainable Energy Future. Alex was highly acclaimed as a valuable presenter by the delegates as he shared all the key points which are included in the new AS 2067 and answered dozens of industry related questions.

Other speakers included; Ken Budin (Budin Philipp), Philip Reilly (TxMonitor), Antony Giacomin (TJH2b Analytical Services), John Giles (Appleseed Engineering) and Stephen Palmer (Safearth) to name a few.

Other presentations from the conference were entitled:

  • High Voltage Equipment: Avoiding Transformer Failures with Oil and Electrical Testing
  • Effective Life Management of Power Transformers
  • Operational Prudence of Electricity Networks
  • Will Earthing to AS 2067 Be Better? What Has Changed and What it Means for You.
  • Standardising of HV Training throughout Australia
  • Recent Changes to Arc Flash Standards and Hazard Reduction Equipment: What Does This Mean for Australian Workplaces?
  • High Voltage Power Cable Current Ratings
  • High Voltage Equipment: Keeping it Safe and Operational via Insulating Fluid Testing
  • Partial Discharge Testing of a Switchboard and Cables – A Case Study
  • What’s New in AS2067 for Civil / Structural / Fire Engineers
  • Project Case Study: Substation Asset Renewals and Assessment
  • Arc Flash Incident and Assessment Studies
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis of Power Distribution Transformers

As expected, Alex Baitch was nominated most valuable speaker by the delegates with keynote presentation Substation Installations: Revision of AS 2067, followed by Stephen Palmer’s enthralling presentation about earthing and its changes in the AS 2067. Antony Giacomin’s presentation was also highly regarded and was voted most valuable presentation at both the 3rd and 4th High Voltage Conference in previous years, a captivating and entertaining presentation.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event:  Transmission and Distribution Magazine and Engineering Institute of Technology.

For further information on the 5th High Voltage Conference or future IDC Technologies events, please contact 1300 138 522 or email

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Emergency Power Supplies, Lithium Batteries and Earthing Conference – 27th & 28th July 2016 – Johannesburg, South Africa

IDC Technologies recently hosted the Emergency Power Supplies, Lithium Batteries and Earthing Conference at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg on the 27th & 28th July 2016.

The conference featured fourteen presentations from industry professionals who came from various technical backgrounds. The presenters represented a range of companies such as; Adriatic Power Group, NEC, TLC  Engineering Solutions, Freedom Won, CreoVision – Solar Energy and more.

All topics presented, although varied, were very interesting. We were fortunate to have an outstanding combination of professional expertise and industry knowledge at the event with all delegates enthusiastic about the subject and willing to ask questions and be interactive with our speakers.

IDC Technologies would like to make a special mention of our conference keynote speaker Frikkie Marx from Inopsis Wireless Services who presented Electromagnetic Noise Control in UPS as his very interesting keynote presentation.

Anthony English from Freedom Won was voted the most valuable presentation at the conference with his topic The Advantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries. Also highly rated was Marius Grobbelaar’s electrical engineering topic A New Approach to Lightning Protection and Earthing.

Other presentations from the conference were entitled:

  • Alternative Energies – An Overview
  • Understanding Earth Electrodes and Resistance Measurements in Practice
  • Design and Implementation of Small Backup Power Systems
  • Solar Systems and Batteries Selection in South Africa
  • Industrial Earth Leakage Units – For Human Safety or Equipment Protection?
  • Battery Configuration Design for Small Scale Solar Installations and Alternative Methods for Grid Stabilisation
  • Energy Storage Could Be One of South Africa’s Key Economic Drivers
  • Recommending a Surge Protection Plan
  • Energy Storage for The Intergration of PV Plants
  • Electrical Safety with Earthing & Bonding
  • Maximising the Benefits from your Solar Generated Energy
  • Off the Grid Energy – What does it mean for South Africa
  • A Supply Friendly Front End Pulsar Design

A big thank you to the sponsors of the event: Arrow Altech, and our media sponsors Vector, Energize, EngineerIT and Electricity+Control magazines.

ConferenceNetworkingSouthAfricaConferencePresentersZASponsorsEmergencyPowerSuppliesConferenceIf you would like to be involved in future events please contact to express your interest. For full details on topics and speakers, or to purchase all the technical Papers and PowerPoints from the conference, please email


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